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November 26 - January 7

Six weeks of accountability coaching to get you from now to New Year's... and beyond!

  • No more sabotaging your efforts

  • No more emotional whiplash going from restrictions to splurging to guilt


Start winning now!

The holidays are not the right time to decide you need to "go on a diet". Giving up parties, family events, socializing with friends, and your sister's famous shortbread cookies is not worth losing 1 or 2 lbs. When you look back on Christmas 2021, it's the celebrations you will remember, not the fact that you were able to follow a restrictive fitness and nutrition regimen.

What you need is a PLAN!

This will help you navigate the holidays successfully so you can...

  • Adjust your expectations without turning the dial to zero

  • Take ownership of your actions and make conscious choices

  • Enjoy gatherings without counting calories

  • Have the occasional "splurge" WITHOUT ANY GUILT

Let me help

Let's get from here to January without tanking all the effort you have put in so far this year! My Holiday (Health) Survival Program includes:

  • A plan that covers YOUR fitness, nutrition, and mindset goals

  • Weekly check-ins to report progress and prepare for upcoming events

  • All my best resources and tips to support your journey 

All this for only $47!

(Yes - that's for the entire program, not per week! Yep - less than a dollar per day!)


This Black Friday offer is only open until November 27th so contact me today to secure your spot.
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