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Don't Stop Believing

When did you stop believing? Not in Santa. Or fairy tales. Or enjoying zero calorie anything. When did you stop believing in YOU? It happens all the time. We set our mind towards a goal and could not be more excited to get started. Determined, we fearlessly take BOLD ACTION in pursuit of whatever dream we see on the horizon. The feeling is exhilarating. A new job. A healthier body. A happier life. And for the first few weeks, we keep the faith. We REALLY BELIEVE we can do it. Until there's a bump in the road. Or a complication. Or an "unforeseen difficulty" that knocks us sideways. Or maybe it's just kinda hard. Because achieving worthwhile things is often hard. And then one bad day becomes two. Two becomes a week. Before long, not only have we given up, but even the idea of trying again somehow seems more painful than ever before. WHY? Because we tried and we failed. And nobody likes to fail. In order to protect us, our brain provides the perfect solution: GIVE UP. Because when you give up, you can't fail. See how that works? Your brain has created a vicious cycle that can defeat even the most optimistic person... UNLESS YOU KEEP BELIEVING. Belief is the magic bean we have to plant, water, and care for EVERY SINGLE DAY. You're going to make mistakes. You're going to eat (or drink) more than you planned. You're going to get discouraged. It doesn't matter. JUST KEEP BELIEVING.


Rewrite your story.

I've got something for you.

A little mental exercise - so get a pen and paper.

Set a timer for 15 minutes and write down every reason you can think of why your dream/goal is impossible. Why it can't work. Why it won't work.

When you finish, put the list away.

Take a break.

Then come back tomorrow and spend the same 15 minutes exploring all the reasons it IS possible. All the things you could do, think, or believe to make your dream a reality.

Just let your brain go. Don't judge the answers. Keep on writing.

Then email me ( your lists.

TWO things will happen:

  1. You will have made your dream real. And anything written down officially becomes real.

  2. You shared that reality with a friend who wants to help. A friend who BELIEVES IN YOU.

Just watch the kind of magic BELIEVING can make happen.


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