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Feeling Overwhelmed?

Are you overwhelmed by your health and fitness goals? Is the effort to exercise more, eat better, and find a way get quality sleep creating so many choices and decisions that you end up even more stressed out?

Instead of trying to do more, you might be more successful doing less, consistently. For most people, simplifying their routines and being consistent with the basics is all they need to make a huge impact on their health goals. What could simplifying your exercise plan look like?

Pick two basic, full body strength workouts and alternate between them. They don't need to be fancy! You can find these online or reach out to me and I'll send you a couple. Between these workouts you could walk, hike, run, or do whatever kind of cardio exercise you want. A great benefit of repeating workouts for a period of time is that you get to see measurable improvement week to week.

What about nutrition? How could this be simple?

This might sound boring, but you really can eat basically the same things every day. You might use a different sauce or seasoning, but you can keep it simple by building your meal around a protein and adding some veggies, carbs, and fats. If you want, have two or three different days mapped out that you rotate between. Eliminating a lot of decision making is what's going to help you here.

And your sleep routine?

Start with something that you think is going to have the biggest impact on improving your sleep. For many people, that's removing screens 30 minutes before bed. Not only does this allow your brain to unwind and stop you from binge-watching past your bed time, it also eliminates a lot of late night snacking.

Once you simplify things you're going to find that your brain can relax a little more. It's not figuring out what's for breakfast or lunch today. It's not wondering what you're going to do for a workout. It's not frazzled at night going from tv to texts to scrolling social media. Embracing simplicity eases stress and eliminates guilt. It's ok not to be doing "all the things". It's ok if you're sticking to what you can handle for where your life is right now. Sometimes less, done consistently, really does mean more.

When in doubt, simplify. Trust me, you're going to love how it makes you feel.


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