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Weekend Warrior?

A lot of people find the structure and routine of Monday to Friday enables them to stay on track with their fitness and nutrition. Then they hit Friday and it's like, "Whoa! I don't have to hold my breath any more because it's the weekend!"

It is this kind of rock star, 10/10 effort during the week, followed by a big 0 on the weekend. We fall off the wagon, do whatever we want, and then Monday we're wondering what happened and feeling a ton of guilt.

Let's consider that there is a space between 0 and 10. We don't have to give up having a couple of glasses of wine or going out with friends, but, depending on your goals, it's probably not the best decision to approach the ENTIRE weekend this way :) We still have some activity planned - maybe lower intensity like a walk or hike, we're still eating relatively healthy, we're still getting good rest, and we're not sabotaging everything we did Monday through Friday.

So when you go into the weekend, be intentional and choose how you're going to show up. Make a decision that the Monday version of you is going to be ok with. That way you can have a great, relaxing weekend and not carry any guilt over to next week.


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