1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Stay accountable to your nutrition goals with one-on-one personal support. In our initial breakthrough session, we will figure out your starting point, set clear goals, and develop an action plan that fits with your life. From there, bi-weekly coaching calls and unlimited email/text check-ins will keep you on track for long-term, sustainable change.

Choose from 3 month ($597), 6 month ($997), or 12 month ($1797) plans.


Personal Training

Looking to add some weight lifting to your routine? Whether it's to lose fat, gain muscle, or increase mobility, I will develop a program that's personal to you. When you are accountable to someone else you are WAY less likely to skip a workout and can reach your goal SO much faster!

Online or on-site $60/hour


Corporate Services

Employee wellness programs have become standard in many companies as a way to attract talent, keep them happy and productive, and decrease employee turnover. Wellness programs mean:

  • More productive employees

  • Less stress

  • Less illness and sick days

  • Happier employees

Live talks, webinars, and "lunch and learn" sessions, are just a few of the ways I can help you develop a wellness program suited to your business. 

My most recent program, "Life Has No Pause Button", is perfect for helping your employees navigate health and wellness through busy or stressful times.

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Whole Health Reboot Group Coaching

Feeling overrun by your life? This program is specifically for busy women who struggle with lack of time to take care of their body but want to get back in shape, lose at least 5lbs, and #fityourpants in 8 weeks.

Contact me to join the waitlist!