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10 Ways to Improve Your Health Habits - Starting Today!

Have some of your health habits slipped over the last few months? Could you use a bit of a reset? A few well-placed upgrades to your daily routine might be just the thing to start making progress again. Take a look at the list of simple lifestyle changes below and see how many you can implement over the next few months. Each one is designed to create an environment that will immediately improve your health.

  1. Keep cut up, ready-to-eat vegetables in the fridge. Having cucumber slices, mini carrots, celery sticks, chopped peppers, snap peas, chopped broccoli and cauliflower stocked in the fridge makes getting your veggie servings in so much easier! Combine them with fresh hummus or tzatziki for a perfect afternoon snack.

  2. Maintain a tidy kitchen. Nobody likes working in a messy space. Clean counter tops and no clutter makes preparing meals easier and less stressful.

  3. Have your workout gear close by. Keeping a few dumbbells and some resistance bands handy makes it easy to get a workout in when you're strapped for time. A yoga mat in the living room can serve as a reminder to do some stretching or mobility work while watching tv at night. Storing couple of bands in your office makes it easy to do a 10 minute workout on your coffee break. A few of these sessions spread throughout the day can really add up.

  4. Pack your gym when you travel. If possible, book into a hotel with gym or pool (and actually use them!) Alternatively, some resistance bands or a TRX make for a pretty portable set up. Looking for inspiration? Try this great workout by my fave coach Susan Niebergall.

  5. Put your workout clothes on in the morning. If you work from home, are on vacation, or your job allows for more casual dress, start your day in your workout gear (or at least put your sports bra on 😉). Being in your gym clothes creates a mental and physical association with exercise, making it easier to transition into a workout mindset.

  6. Don't shop hungry. Have a list and a plan when you go to the grocery store - and follow it. Focus on the perimeter — the produce, meat, and dairy sections. Shopping while hungry can lead to spontaneous side trips down the bakery or processed food aisles where delicious treats await! If you find it too challenging to resist temptation, consider ordering ahead using an online service.

  7. Schedule your workouts. Make time for daily exercise and treat these sessions like you would any other appointment. Remember, there is no rule that says workouts need to be an hour! Do what you can and what works for your lifestyle.

  8. Keep ice cream, cookies and chips out of the house. Create an environment that supports your goals. Making it harder to reach for high-calorie, low-nutrition, easy-to-overeat foods means you're more likely to snack on fruits or veggies. And if you really want sweets, you'll have to go get them, which might not be super appealing at 9:00 while you're snuggled into the couch watching a show 😁.

  9. Consider a meal delivery service. There are many options nowadays to get healthy, nutritious meals delivered to your home. This might be a useful tool for evening meals, or maybe just the days when your schedule is extra packed.

  10. Plan your meals. I can't stress enough how much being organized and planning ahead will change your life - and your health. This does not need to be complicated! I have a client who has prepared five different daily meal plans to suit her activities. At the beginning of the week she just slots one of the plans into each day of the week. Now she knows what to shop for and what to prepare each day.

Taking the time to refresh your health and fitness routines for the summer months can have a profound impact on your overall well-being. By implementing some simple lifestyle changes you will create an environment that promotes healthy choices and makes it easier to stay on track with your goals. Just remember to always make changes small enough that you can be consistent and successful.


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