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Good Things Take Time

"It's not happening fast enough!"

This is a common complaint from many of my clients. From gaining muscle to losing weight to wifi connections, it's normal to feel impatient in our fast-paced society.

This spring I watched as my daughter decided to grow her own little garden. She filled two planters with soil and carefully organized the seeds in rows. It was all so perfect and neat.

Until the dog came along.

Apparently Nala did not understand that those boxes full of fresh, aerated soil were not hers to play in 🥺. Soil was dug up, seeds were scattered and row markers were misplaced. It was so disheartening!

We did the best we could, levelling out the dirt and covering the seeds once more. She set hockey sticks and netting across the plots to dissuade the dog from further adventures. I crossed my fingers and said a silent prayer - hoping against hope that something would grow - but pretty certain that would not be the case.

My daughter checked on her little garden every day, watering it carefully and looking for any signs of growth.

Eventually her patience was rewarded.

Slowly small shoots peeked above the soil, each one greeted with joy and excitement - perhaps more so because of the trauma they had endured. We had no idea what was growing where, which made for some interesting conversations about what each sprout would turn into.

Several months later, we are enjoying the fruits of her labour. Fresh peas and cilantro. Carrots, tomatoes and potatoes that we have yet to harvest. And one pink flower that blossomed this week.

Dog in the grass with a flower

In the pursuit of success, we are conditioned to seek immediate gratification. Whether it's achieving career milestones, personal goals, or even weight loss, there is a tendency to expect rapid results without appreciating the journey.

It can be disheartening when progress is slow or stagnant. Have faith in the process and trust that your efforts will yield results, even if they are not immediately apparent.

Patience is not just about waiting; it's about believing in unseen potential, nurturing it with care, and allowing it to grow at its own pace.

I'm so proud of my daughter and her diligence. She tried something new, endured some pretty harsh set backs, but kept putting in the work.

Have patience. Stay positive, stay motivated, and remember that your efforts are making a difference.


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