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Is Your Diet Working for You?

Is your current diet working for you? And by "working", I don't mean holding-your-breath-and-fighting-to-get-through some "lose 8 pounds in 8 days" challenge.

I mean a plan that you can execute consistently for the long term.

My clients are done with yo-yo dieting.

They want a plan where they can feel successful so that their confidence grows.

They want to eat better without feeling deprived.

They want simplicity so they can stop feeling stressed out.

They want to know how to achieve and maintain their goals, even when life gets busy.

They want accountability and to have someone who cares about how they're doing.

They want a system that works. Not just for now, forever.

When you have a way of eating that's sustainable, you feel calm and relaxed about your food choices. Your plan fits into your life and supports your goals.

Your family and co-workers aren't hiding from you, dodging the constant irritability and mood swings.

Even though you have to make conscious choices and some sacrifices, you'll know your diet is working when... feel more in control lose the guilt - even when you splurge or go "off plan" experience less aches and pains, illness and disease

...your clothes fit better feel more like yourself can do your day to day activities without feeling winded're not nervous about having your picture taken stops feeling like the enemy and you get off the diet roller coaster once and for all.

If you're curious to see whether your current eating plan is actually working for you, take this Diet Satisfaction Test and see how it rates. At the very least you'll learn about what's going well and the areas that could use some improvement.


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